Spot in the Universe

+ find your niche

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If you are ready to step into the life you see in your dreams and experience how the alchemy of spirituality and business can bring forth the gold? Then awesome, let’s get started!

Finding your niche is a journey inward. It’s about reframing your skills and turning your challenges into gold!
After 30 years of combining business and spirituality, I have a formula that creates the alchemy of YOU! This crazy combination creates a magical pathway you can use as the foundation for an inspired life.

It’s time to shine your light in the world and claim your own ’Spot in the Universe’! This program is my alchemy of learning and wisdom; the life-changing process that I have used successfully for years with my clients. It’s been a joy to be part of their personal and professional transformations.

So, who is TCA? The Conscious Agency is an agent for conscious living, inspiring you to find the freedom and fulfilment in being personally responsible. TCA Network gives you the tools, resources and community to discover your gold, your power to transform your life forever.

So where to begin? Let’s start with what we know.

+ The old way of ‘being’ has ended
+ The energy of success flows differently
+ Collaboration is the new expression
+ The feminine rules from 2021
+ Trust is the new currency


Spot in the Universe

+ find your niche

You have important work to do in the world and the way you do that work, is absolutely unique to YOU!

At TCA Network we are passionate about helping you find your niche in your career or business and shine as an authority in your field. It’s time to claim your ’spot in the universe’! Whether it’s a spiritual healing or business guidance required, our Programs will transform, our Coach Directory will inspire and our own social platform will support you on your journey.

The old way of being has ended
+ The energy of success flows differently
+ Learn from the best coaches in the world
+ Shine more brightly than ever before



Our goal is to offer the diverse programs in every category for life. Our first series of courses are to help you start your business, abundance mindset and our signature program ‘Spot in the Universe’.

Browse individual programs in our Store or get access to our resources library with TCA Network All Access Membership.



Choose your next transformation from our diverse community of heart-centred and conscious coaches. Whether you are looking for a business coach or a spiritual coach, at TCA Network you know that they all share the values that TCA Network is passionate about – diversity, quality and personal accountability. 

Emotional Fitness System

Joe Pane | Master Coach

Spot in the Universe Program

Scarlett Vespa | TCA Network

Ancient Wisdom

Nancy Valentine Smith | Spiritual

Leadership Coach

Carrie Benedet | Leadership

Productivity Specialist

Mario Halouvas | Productivity

Astrology for Business

Josephine Corcoran | Career Coach

Business Growth Strategist

Julie Elliott | Finance

Personal Relationships

Elizabeth King | Relationships

Law and Relationships

Jennifer Bicknell |Legal

scarlett vespa

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time to shine

This is truly the time to shine. As we shift gear into a more feminine matriarchal energy, the rules have changed. The art of flow, letting go and trusting your intuition is all about this new time. Perhaps you are feeling different, CO-VID19 certainly woke everyone up but there is deeper work at play. The old way isn’t working and you are not sure why? You want meaning and purpose at work and maybe that relationship is more challenging than ever before. The knot in your stomach is getting tighter and finding relief is close but with so many options it’s hard to know which way to go.

Whatever choice you make, trust your emotional and physical intuition. It speaks to you all the time. Learning to step out of your comfort zone and face your fears in order to discover your truth is worth every moment and every effort. We all want to help others wake up to who they are and starting by listening to you, feeling your rhythm to start flowing with what you really need to do, desire to express and yearn to be. Experiencing the heart of you, is what we all need.

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